The Water Rower Oxbridge rowing machine features a S4 monitor and comes in a cherry finish. This machine sells for $1,360 on Amazon. It has a flywheel design that is meant to minimize sound while maximizing performance ability. The flywheel rests in a wheel tank that is enclosed in the system, it has self regulated resistance. The series 4 monitor tracks workout performance, stroke rate, heart rate and more. This machine can be stored upright to save space in your home.


This machine does a great job of keeping you in shape without wreaking havoc on your body. The Oxbridge is very quiet, looks amazing and has a smooth stroke. Many customers have stated that this machine feels more stable than others. The rails do not seem to show signs of wear after extended use. The computer and monitoring system are quick and effective. This machine is aesthetically pleasing and looks nice in your home.


The rollers on the front could use a spacer to make the machine work just a little better. The overlay on the monitor could afford to be positioned to better fit the buttons. Adding foot straps to the machine would help people workout easier.


With only a few minor flaws that don’t really affect the workout routine, the Water Rower Oxbridge is a great solution for water rowers. The rails, sound and stroke speed are all incredible. If you want a system that can help you monitor your movements and heart rate while you workout, and have extra money to spare, this is the one for you!