Should You Trim the Pads of Your Dog’s Foot?

Welcome to our very first post on this site! Instead of some lame introduction, I thought we’d hop right to it. My goal is to write informative, actionable pieces that you, the reader, can apply with your pets. Our first contribution: should you trim the pads of your dog’s foot?

My answer — and emphatic YES! If you care about your dog’s comfort at all — and I know that you do — then this should be a no-brainer. Even more still, I’m a stickler for cleanliness and details, and having a dog’s muddled paws walking around just drives me absolutely crazy.

So WHY should you trim the pads on your dog’s foot? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are a couple of reasons.

1. Comfort — you want your beloved dog to be walking around comfortably, don’t you? Well, nothing quite causes so much discomfort as pads that aren’t properly trimmed. This is a pain for your dog, so don’t leave him hanging.

2. Looks — is this a vain reason, for you as the dog owner? Maybe. But it’s still important. Maybe I’m just a Type-A personality who doesn’t like to see chaos in any form of my life. But I want my dog to look good, not only feel good. I don’t have any show-dogs, no, but I still take pride in how my dog presents itself, and part of that is dimply dealing with the pads.

3. Cleanliness — this is kind of a hybrid from the first two reasons. Are you worried about your dog dragging dirt and debris into your home? Well, look no further than their feet. If their pads are all out of whack, then they’ll be bringing in more dirt all over your house floors. Trimming them helps alleviate this problem.